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I woke up to this scene (my back yard) on Friday morning.

I used my phone to get the photo before 7am.

The bluish hue is actually how it looked. Almost magical.


38 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

  1. I love your picture! If you stop by my blog today you will find the same type of picture too! I took my pic on Thursday morning though. It’s so funny that we wrote almost the same thing too!


  2. Beautiful picture! I love seeing the snow line the trees. I agree with Kathy. It looks like a winter wonderland. Perfect weather for curling up on the couch or a comfy chair with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a book in the other!


  3. Oh yeah, there’s snow here too. There’s going to be about 6-7 inches before it’s over. So much for our beautiful winter. Lol. Sam and are going to head out for a short walk soon. It should be interesting although he loves it.


  4. I posted a blue snow picture a while back. There is something magical about that quality of the light – what you can’t capture is the stillness after a deep snow. Great photo!


  5. That is soooo pretty. Here we had “magical snow” in the night from Friday to Saturday. It was too dark for pictures but we took a long walk and it was amazingly beautiful.


  6. Wow! We haven’t gotten anywhere near that level of snow this winter in Maryland, though I can’t say I’m unhappy about that. I like looking at snowfall from afar — like your lovely photo — but enjoy it less when I’m shoveling the driveway and skidding to work!


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