Sunday Post #5

Happy February, everyone. The groundhog didn’t see his shadow in my neighborhood so I guess that means winter is almost over, right? Ok, I won’t get the patio furniture out of the storage shed quite yet 🙂

In other news: I finally did it! I finished reading War & Peace last week after deciding to power through the final 100 pages. Whew!

My brief take: I found it interesting that it was more a philosophical study of various aspects of war and human nature than an actual historical novel. Didn’t expect that. For a more in-depth and entertaining review I suggest reading Matt’s review over at Goodreads – especially if you’ve read W&P.

I was happy to finally mark it ‘read’ and want to thank Jillian for organizing the readalong. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have attempted it without seeing her blog post back in December, 2010.