Sunday Post

Book arrivals:  (linked to Mailbox Monday)


Last week on Bookfan:


Reading plan for this week:

22 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Ah yes to Indigo Lake, I jumped onto it as soon as I saw it on NG. I have Something Like Happy as well. Hope they both contain great reading.


    • Thanks, Kathleen. It was a nice day. I’m forcing myself to wait for a few weeks before reading Indigo Lake. I can’t wait to dive in!


  2. I still have the other Jodi Thomas to read otherwise I would have grabbed this one too. All look like good reads. Happy Reading!


  3. I have the same comment for you that I had for Kathy. I just can’t believe how many authors there are. On every list the great majority of authors are new to me. I know how hard it is for me to write a 3- or 4-paragraph blog post. Writing a whole book is inconceivable to me.


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