Spotlight on: Boots Under Her Bed

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Jodi Thomas and acclaimed authors Jo Goodman, Alison Kent and Kaki Warner present novellas about rugged men of the West and the women who want them.


Callie has done a lot of crazy things, but it’ll take one more to prove she isn’t nuts: find a husband, fast! Her only requirement: he has to be taller than she is and swear not to have her committed during their ruse of a marriage. . .

“Count on Jodi Thomas to give you a satisfying and memorable read.”—New York
Times bestselling author Catherine Anderson

BOOTS UNDER HER BED Release date: January 7, 2014 Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 978-0-425-267844 Retail price: USA $7.19

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Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of 39 novels and 12 short story collections. A four-time RITA winner, Jodi currently serves as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.

Promise Me Texas by Jodi Thomas

promise me texas

  • Title:  Promise Me Texas
  • Series:  Whispering Mountain #7
  • Author:  Jodi Thomas
  • Genre:  Historical Romance; Western
  • Published:  November 2013 – Berkley
  • Source:  Publisher

Synopsis:  On a midnight train, four hours away from her wedding, Beth McMurray discovers the devastating truth about the powerful senator she’s about to marry. Convinced nothing could make this stormy night worse, the train wrecks, and she tumbles straight into the arms of an outlaw.

Andrew McLaughlin doesn’t believe in loving except between the pages of his journal. He loved deeply once and thinks he’ll never survive another loss. To help a friend, he climbs aboard a train heading toward Dallas. In the moment before the train crashes, he saves a beautiful woman and is injured in the fall. He wakes up to find she’s claimed him as her fiancé – and now they’re both on the run and destined to do everything it takes to make an unexpected promise of love come true.  (Book cover)

My take:  Promise Me Texas is the latest book in the Whispering Mountain series. It’s the story of the youngest McMurray daughter, Beth. Not only does she find herself with a pretend husband but she’s suddenly looking after two young brothers, a teenage girl and a boy on the verge of adulthood.

This unlikely group of six sets off on a journey in search of better lives. Along the way they’ll meet interesting characters – from outlaws to Texas Rangers. In addition to Beth and Andrew’s story the subplots involving the younger characters pulled at the heartstrings. The plight of these children in 1870s Texas was formidable. Thankfully, they had Beth and Andrew looking out for them.

I really enjoyed Promise Me Texas. Drama, humor and an unusual love story (or two) combine for an entertaining read. Fans of the Whispering Mountain series will be happy to read the newest book and if you, like me, have good memories of TV westerns of the 1960s (The Big Valley, to name one), I think you’d love it. Promise Me Texas could stand alone but I recommend the entire series.

Guest Post by Jodi Thomas

promise me texasWhen I began PROMISE ME TEXAS, I thought about how some people are actors and some are reactors.  Some, like my Beth McMurray, are tired of waiting and decide to make change happen, while others watch.

On a sudden impulse, she travels north, catching up to the train her fiancé is on. She plans to surprise him.  Within hours, she realizes her mistake.  He’s not the man she thought him to be.  When a train wreck happens, she has only a moment to stand by the bum, or turn to a stranger and claim him as hers.  As always, Beth jumps.

Andrew McLaughlin, on the other hand, has always been a reactor.  He watches people, writes about places and daydreams.  When the beautiful lady claims him as hers, he goes along, interested in the details of this story this pretty lady seems to be living in.  When he first wakes up from the wreck, injured and disoriented, he finds they’re engaged.  Second time, Beth claims they are married. Third time, he sees two kids in the picture.  Confused, he doses off wondering what the grandkids will look like when he wakes again.

I loved the way the characters came together in PROMISE ME TEXAS.  My hero is a watcher of people, afraid to ever get too close.  Everyone he’s ever cared about in his life is gone and he’s alone.

My Beth leads with her heart and not her head.  She’s a woman used to getting what she wants, no matter what stands in her way.  When she sees someone who needs her, even having to interrupt a gunfight doesn’t pose a problem. Her bravery wins over the leader of an outlaw gang who is hunting her make-believe husband.

Since this book is set in 1879, a time of great change in Texas, I included a story of young love that flows along through the plot.  Not all great love stories start with passion; some start with friendship.  Cody wants to take care of Madie, but he doesn’t know how.  Because he is two years older, he begins to give her advice.

I hope everyone enjoys PROMISE ME TEXAS.  I promise I’ll take you on a great adventure that will make you smile and maybe just laugh out loud.  It might even remind you of the day you took the path less traveled and ended up in a most delightful place.

Jodi Thomas

*   *   *

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Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of 38 novels and 11 short story collections. A five-time RITA winner, Jodi currently serves as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.