Stone Creek by Victoria Lustbader

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From the book: …like pain, love comes in many different shades and textures and strengths, from ones that tickle you to ones that blind you to ones that destroy you.
Lily Spencer is married to Paul and living a fairy-tale life. The only thing missing from her life is a child. At 46, she’s unable to conceive and Paul refuses to adopt.
Danny Malloy, 36, is the father of five year old Caleb. They are grieving the unexpected death of Tara who died a year earlier. Caleb doesn’t understand death much less the aneurysm that killed his mother.
Lily, Danny and Caleb meet and help each other on the road to healing.

Stone Creek is a very sad book and yet, by the last page, the reader is left with a sense of hope.
You can hear an interview with Victoria Lustbader here. The interview was found at Book Club Girl (see my favorite blogs list for the latest post at BCG). Thanks to Dar for telling me about the interview. I found it so interesting.