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I’m delighted to have Terry Kate write a guest post today. She writes about an interesting subject that I hope generates some good comments. Please join in!

Hello fellow readers,

Mary has been kind enough to invite me here to discuss questions I have been going over about what books and what genres I read, and what inspires me to break out of that box. The more I thought about my own personal answers the more I wondered how other readers felt.

So here the questions are…

Do we as readers often cross over from genre to genre? If I read Contemporary Women’s Fiction does that mean that is all I read? What would encourage me to move into another genre?

As the creator of a multi-genre website I talk to authors from all of the Romance related genres. (They need to have a romantic element to be on Romance in the Backseat, I mean, it has Romance in the title.) When it comes to areas like Suspense, which I do not read, many of the authors mentioned are new to me. This is not to say that I have never read Suspense or Romantic Suspense, I just tend to walk right by them on the bookstore shelf.

A vast majority of the Suspense I have read was written by authors I followed into the genre Linda Howard, for example. I read her Suspense novels up until her last few books, which are now so far removed from her romances that I am no longer interested. Then there are other authors that moved into the genre that I did not follow like Julie Garwood. The minute she stopped writing Historicals she lost me as a reader.

Sometimes just hearing about an interesting book will make me step out of the norm. Sometimes something about the author will catch my attention, or just a book excerpt posted online. Meeting authors through my interviews has turned me on to a number of books I never would have looked at otherwise. Like paranormal author Virginia Kantra. If I had never met her and listened to her talk about her books they would not have been a blip on my radar.

What makes you pick up a book? Is it genre, author, story, reviews, excerpts? The internet and fabulous bloggers like Mary often open our eyes to books we might not have looked at otherwise. I personally only read two or three genres and how often do I pick up a book outside my preferences? Hmmm… I am not too sure, but from now on I will be paying attention and keeping a more open mind.

Thanks Mary,

Terry Kate


Kristan Higgins – Backseat Book Club chat today

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Terry from Romance In The Backseat sent a reminder for an author chat event TODAY (May 28):

Hey all!
Live chat with Kristan Higgins at Romance in the Backseat’s Backseat Book Club!
Do I like long names for things or what? 4-8 pm EST or post questions ahead of time on the forum.
Thanks for the support and I look forward to meeting you,
Terry Kate

I reviewed Too Good To Be True here. Although I can’t be at the Book Club for most of the time, I’ll try to get there before it ends. It should be fun! Hope to see you there.

May Flowers – Original Short Story

To get the summer reading season off to a good start check out Romance in the Backseat – a great blog that highlights romance authors and their books (plus some fun backseat author interview videos).

Terry from RITB writes:

I am so excited to start posting Romance in the Backseats Original Short Stories. Kristan Higgins leads off this month’s story “May Flowers”. When I got the first entry it blew me away from there it passed to fabulous authors like Megan Crane, Cat Johnson, Allie Boniface, Toni Andrews, and more then circles back in a round robin to the awesome Kristan Higgins and so on and so on. I get to read the new pages as they come in and the story never goes the way I would have guessed and is better then I ever dreamed. I look forward to hearing what readers think.

You can find May Flowers at this link. I know I’ll be visiting daily!