From my bookshelf: One Line Takes

Earlier this Spring I spotted a meme on a few blogs that involved one word reviews. I usually only feature reviews of books sent from publishers but I’ve read several from my own bookshelf in the first half of the year and thought I’d try some one line┬átakes. I’ll probably do a Part 2 later in the year. Covers link to Goodreads.


Audio: A good coming of age story in 1930s Kentucky

“Who controls the past”, ran the Party slogan “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”… p. 34


Loved the setting, the Greek mythology and secret society aspects.

A love letter to vinyl records, music shops and music lovers of all kinds.


An entertaining and twisty read.


Author Ruth Reichl perfectly narrates the audio and left me wanting to try more than a few recipes!


Entertaining in a Stephanie Plum way.


Fun start to a series!


A shocking outcome of a joyous day leaves two families dealing with unimagined grief and wondering how to carry on.


1930s era New York City novel – glad I finally got around to reading it!