Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt

Title: Pictures of You (audiobook)

Author: Caroline Leavitt

Genre: Fiction

About: (back of the book synopsis)  Two women running away from their marriages collide on a foggy highway, killing one of them. The survivor, Isabelle, is left to pick up the pieces, not only of her own life, but of the lives of the devastated husband and fragile son that the other woman, April, has left behind. Together, they try to solve the mystery of where April was running to, and why. As these three lives intersect, the book asks, How well do we really know those we love-and how do we forgive the unforgivable?

My thoughts: I think the last line of the synopsis best describes this novel. I found myself wondering if I would act as Isabelle did after the terrible accident. Would I have the nerve to approach the grieving father and son for more than an apology? Would Charlie and Sam be able to interact on any level with the woman who was responsible for killing April?  And what would happen if they could?

Isabelle, Charlie and Sam are fleshed out in such a way that I understood the motivation of each character. Isabel was fleeing a failed marriage to the only man she’d ever loved. Charlie knew things hadn’t been great with April and they’d even had words the last time they saw each other. Sam has a secret that eats away at him. He seemed so lost and unable to ask for help. I felt sympathy for all three.

Caroline Leavitt’s novel is mesmerizing – I didn’t want to stop reading. I wanted to know where she was taking her characters. How would things end for Sam, Charlie and Isabelle? Would there be a chance for them to be happy or content – together or on their own?  I must say I was surprised by a few twists near the end of the book. They would definitely prompt some interesting discussions for book groups.

One issue that came up for me after finishing was the timing of the novel. When did the bulk of the story take place? I was unsure about it and that bothered me a bit.

I enjoyed Leavitt’s writing and will definitely look for more of her books.  Robin Miles’ narration was wonderful. She was easy to listen to and the voices she gave the characters worked for me.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Recommend? Yes, I think it would be a good book group selection – book or audiobook.

Source: HighBridge via LibraryThing Early Reviewer