#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


#FitReaders is hosted by That’s What I’m Talking About and  Geeky Bloggers Book Blog 

Fitbit steps:

  • Sat:    8429
  • Sun:   2166
  • Mon:  2248
  • Tue:   11177
  • Wed: 11466
  • Thu:  11252
  • Fri:   13304


All of my reading was print last week so I listened to podcasts on my walks.


I think we saw each other at the same time 🙂

#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


#FitReaders hosted by That’s What I’m Talking About and  Geeky Bloggers Book Blog 

  • Saturday:       5,367
  • Sunday:          3,841
  • Monday:       11,904
  • Tuesday:       12,196
  • Wednesday:  12,471
  • Thursday:      11,790
  • Friday:           12,237

I had a few walks outdoors but more on the treadmill due to rain.

Read on the treadmill:

the sound of glass (5:12 NAL)

Last week Rita asked about reading on the treadmill and I said I’d post pics:

IMG_4219  IMG_4221  IMG_4223

The first pic is of the treadmill; next with the iPad Mini; last pic is what I see while reading. Everything else fades away and before I know it 45-60 minutes have flown by 🙂 Important to note is that (obviously) the book isn’t at eye level. It’s down a few inches and similar to sitting and reading a book. I was amazed the first time I tried reading this way. That said, I can’t walk and read a paper book – I’ve tried. Do you read while you walk?

#FitReaders Weekly Check-in and a Mini Review: Chronically Me


#FitReaders hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About.

Fitbit steps:

  • Sat:     12,367
  • Sun:    11,875
  • Mon:  10,648
  • Tues:   11,521
  • Wed:   14,299
  • Thu:    11,938
  • Fri:        7,095

I walked outside almost everyday. Ah, fresh air 🙂

Treadmill reading:

Finding Glory (May26)

Outdoor audiobook:

stardust summer (audio - jukeboxaudio)

Mini Review:

Chronically Me: Flushing Out My Live and Times With IBS: A Memoir in Comics by Joy Spencer

chronically me (memoir)Joy Spencer’s memoir perfectly portrays the frustration of trying to find answers regarding a medical condition. Her frustration is conveyed by her humorous illustrations of medical appointments, treatments, and life with a chronic disease in general. I have to believe her book will put a spotlight on how people dealing with chronic diseases feel on a daily basis. Kudos to Joy Spencer! Recommended.


#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


  • Sat:     13,270
  • Sun:   10,009
  • Mon:  13,643
  • Tue:    11,664
  • Wed:   11,691
  • Thu:     4,651
  • Fri:     10,443

My cold left last week and I felt more like getting some regular exercise. Still on the treadmill because temps haven’t been out of the 30s (F). We’re supposed to reach the 40s and 50s in the week ahead so I’m looking forward to walking outdoors and listening to an audiobook. Have a great week!

Treadmill reading:

Finding Glory (May26)

#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


  • Sat:     8,192
  • Sun:  10,066
  • Mon:   7,509
  • Tue:    6,905
  • Wed:   5,792
  • Thu:    5,041
  • Fri:    10,208

Audiobooks – yes, I walked outdoors!! The week before last my husband and I visited my parents in Arizona. We came home to temps in the 50s and 60s. What a treat! If those temps hold for a week or so our snow should disappear. We’re ready for Spring 🙂

the moment of everything (audio)My take:  A breezy novel about a recently downsized young woman who discovers different priorities as her job path takes an unexpected turn at a used book store. It was a perfect vacation audiobook and I look forward to author Shelly King’s next book.  New-to-me narrator Kristen Sieh did a fine job. I enjoyed her performance.


#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


  • Sat:     5,788
  • Sun:  13,893
  • Mon:   7,107
  • Tue:     5,121
  • Wed:  16,157
  • Thu:  10,555
  • Fri:      6,685

Fitbit steps were inconsistent but I had a few good days that helped the average. It’s cold here in the upper midwest and we have about a foot of snow on the ground so no outdoor walking for me. Sending good thoughts to people in Boston and the rest of New England as they get another snow storm this weekend.

Read on the treadmill:

Never Too Late (Mar31)  Inside the O'Briens (Apr7)

How was your week?

#FitReaders Weekly Check-in

  • FitReaders2015Sat:   17,048
  • Sun:  10,770
  • Mon: 12,073
  • Tue:   10,468
  • Wed:  12,043
  • Thu:     9,437
  • Fri:     10,476

Last Saturday was a big day for steps because I was in TWO Fitbit challenges – one with bloggers and another with my relatives. Don’t think I can do that very often but it was fun 🙂  How was your week?

Read on the treadmill:

new uses for old boyfriends (Feb26)

#FitWalkers Weekly Check-in and a review: Candle’s Christmas Chair by Jude Knight

  • FitReaders2015Sat:   10,657
  • Sun:   6,463
  • Mon: 10,494
  • Tue:    11,935
  • Wed:   12,725
  • Thu:    12,576
  • Fri:      10,097

Another week of indoor walking. I try not to wish time away but Spring can’t arrive soon enough. Hoping all my New England friends are well and have dug out from the blizzard. You’ve been in my thoughts.

Read on the treadmill:

candle's christmas chair  Little Beach Street Bakery (3:31:15)


  • candle's christmas chairTitle:  Candle’s Christmas Chair
  • Author:  Jude Knight
  • Genre:  Historical Romance; Christmas
  • Published:  December 2014 – Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Source:  Author

Synopsis:  When Viscount Avery comes to see an invalid chair maker, he does not expect to find Min Bradshaw, the woman who rejected him 3 years earlier. Or did she? He wonders if there is more to the story. For 3 years, Min Bradshaw has remembered the handsome guardsman who courted her for her fortune. She didn’t expect to see him in her workshop, and she certainly doesn’t intend to let him fool her again.  (author)

My take:  When author Jude Knight let me know her novella was free on Amazon I checked it out and promptly downloaded it to my Kindle. I enjoy historical romances and love when there’s a Christmas theme.

Candle is a nickname for Viscount Randall Avery. He’s quite tall and has red hair, hence the nickname. He met Minerva at a house party three years ago and couldn’t forget her even though it seemed she wanted nothing more to do with him. Min had been told, by an unreliable source it turns out, he only wanted her for her money. She quickly left the party without saying goodbye. What a shock for both when they met again in Min’s workshop. Candle was there to order a wheelchair for his mother.

Min was determined not to get involved with Candle. The differences were too much to overcome – he a peer and she a shopkeeper’s daughter. Candle took that as a challenge and set to work at winning Min’s heart and trust. This part was so charming that I don’t want to spoil it for other readers except to say I learned quite a bit about the language of flowers. I also found the wheelchair aspect of the novella quite interesting.

Knight included a bit of drama that I was happy didn’t go down a predictable road. I enjoyed this novella and recommend it to fans of the author and historical romance.

Note:  Check Jude Knight’s website for buy links for various retailers and to read about her other books.


#FitReaders Weekly Update and a review: The Gift by Margaret Mallory

FitReaders2015Fitbit steps:

  • Sat:   10,814
  • Sun:   7,967
  • Mon: 11,816
  • Tue:   9,820
  • Wed:  11,375
  • Thu:   6,838
  • Fri:    11,437

I was able to get a couple of walks outside last weekend. We had temps near 40°F – balmy 🙂

Read while on the treadmill:

The Wednesday Group (March3)   Hero (Feb3)


  • The GiftTitle:  The Gift: A Highland Novella
  • Author:  Margaret Mallory
  • Genre:  Historical Romance
  • Published:  December 2014 – Margaret Mallory
  • Source:  Author Newsletter win

My take:  Lily is a healer who flees London when the burning of witches is becoming commonplace. She trusts no one but herself and fears she’ll be mistaken for a witch so she disguises herself and heads north.

Roderick has been sent on an errand for his chieftain. On his way home he discovers a boy on the side of the road, almost frozen and near death. He then discovers the boy is a woman, Lily, and takes her with him to his home. Could it be she’s the one with “the gift” his grandmother predicted he’d find? And will he be able to convince Lily to stay?

I thoroughly enjoyed Margaret Mallory’s Highland novella. Her descriptions and well-paced plot made the characters and setting come to life and kept me turning the pages. This is a stand alone story but, as noted by the author at the end, has appearances of characters from past novels. Recommended.

#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: Jan. 17, 2015 (and a brief review)

FitReaders2015Fitbit steps:

  • Sat:    6,115
  • Sun:   5,517
  • Mon:  11,021
  • Tues:  11,870
  • Wed:  12,237
  • Thur:  11,574
  • Fri:  13,371

All treadmill exercise this week. I keep meaning to add some resistance training but somehow never get around to it. Maybe next week…  In addition to finishing The Martian I also completed One Wish and Hearth Stone.


  • the martian (audible)Title: The Martian: A Novel
  • Author:  Andy Weir
  • Narrator:  R.C. Bray
  • Genre:  SciFi; Thriller
  • Published:   2014 by Crown
  • Source:  Purchased

Synopsis:  Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first men to walk on the surface of Mars. Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first man to die there.

It started with the dust storm that holed his suit and nearly killed him, and that forced his crew to leave him behind, sure he was already dead. Now he’s stranded millions of miles from the nearest human being, with no way to even signal Earth that he’s alive–and even if he could get word out, his food would be gone years before a rescue mission could arrive. Chances are, though, he won’t have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment, or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to get him first.

But Mark isn’t ready to give up yet. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills–and a relentless, dogged refusal to quit–he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next. But will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him? (publisher)

My brief take:  I read/listened via whisper sync (Kindle/Audible). RC Bray’s narration is perfect and made the book almost unputdownable (yep, I used that word).

I was totally out of my reading comfort zone when I picked up this book and now I’d recommend it to anyone. At the end, when certain characters were pacing, I was up and pacing with them. The Martian is interesting, funny, thrilling and a great read. That’s all I’m going to say. Except, if you haven’t read it put it on your list!

It’s no surprise The Martian was voted Best Science Fiction book in the 2014 Goodreads Choice Awards. It was also a 2014 Audie Award Finalist, Science Fiction. Highly recommended.

Note: At the end of the book (but not the audiobook) there’s a Reader’s Guide and an Author Q&A. My Kindle edition also has an essay by Andy Weir: How Science made Me a Writer. Not sure if that’s in the paper edition. Anyone?

#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: Jan.10, 2015

Fitbit steps:FitReaders2015

  • Saturday:  10,203
  • Sunday:  10,784
  • Monday:  12,274
  • Tuesday:  12,251
  • Wednesday:  11,315
  • Thursday:  14,179 
  • Friday:  10,137

Snow and frigid temps kept me on the treadmill this week. The silver lining was more reading time – but I really miss walking outdoors.

While walking I read on the iPad and finished First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen, The Marriage Charm by Linda Lael Miller and started reading One Wish by Robyn Carr.

First Frost (1:20:15)   the marriage charm (Jan27)   One Wish (Feb24)

I hope all #FitReaders were able to get some exercise and can avoid the nasty flu and other bugs going around the US. If it’s summer where you live, I’m a bit jealous at the moment 😉

Have a good week!

Sunday Post

Book arrivals:  (linked to Mailbox Monday)

the lupus book  Inside the O'Briens (Apr7)

Last week on Bookfan:

Makin' Miracles (Dec30)  Saving Grace by Jane Green  First Frost (1:20:15)

Currently reading:

First Frost (1:20:15)  Girl Before a Mirror (Jan27)Vine  a royal experiment (H.Holt 11:14)


I’ve had a Fitbit for almost two years and have found it to be an amazing motivator. Although my steps took a nose dive a few months ago I’m feeling much better lately and they’re on the uptick again. Yay! So, here are my stats for my first week with the #Fitreaders:

  • Sat:  12,071
  • Sun:  12,455
  • Mon:  11,564
  • Tues:  10,475
  • Wed:  12,513
  • Thurs:  12,473
  • Fri:  6,010

I think I’ll go to a separate post for Fitreaders starting next week. I think it deserves its own post 🙂  Have a great week!