Buying Out-of-Print books

I’ve heard about Ida Mae Tutweiler and the Traveling Tea Party (by Ginnie Siena Bivona) for a while now. So much so that I want to read it. I read somewhere that Hallmark is making the movie version. That really makes me want to read it soon. I went on my county library website and did a search. Not one branch in this huge system has the book! I went to Barnes & to buy the book. They don’t have it either. BUT, I could search their Out of Print Books sellers and that is where I found the book. It was so easy. B&N takes care of the order and money and less than 24 hours later I received email notice from the independent seller that the book was on its way. It arrived yesterday and is in almost perfect condition. Cost (including shipping/handling) was less than $6. Yay!