9 thoughts on “2022 Favorite Books

  1. I like all your books, but couldn’t finish Killers of a Certain Age. Being of a certain age myself, I didn’t approve of the murderous shenanigans of the group, lol.


  2. Interesting, some of these I loved too and I have the Deanna Raybourn one here waiting from the library. Hope I get to read it before its due. Nora Goes Off script, the RaeAnne Thayne and Other Birds were all good books. Don’t think they made my top list but really worthwhile reads.


  3. I read the RaeAnne Thayne and really enjoyed it. She just writes the best Christmas books! I’m on the waiting list for the Deanna Raybourn and can’t wait. I love her books. I have the Jodi Thomas on my TBR and I’m 99% sure that it’s because of your review!


  4. I’ve read The Locked Room. Love those Ruth Galloway books. I’ve also read A Flicker in the Dark and liked it. I have the new one, All the Dangerous Things, and am looking forward to that one.


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