Mini Review: Her Last Affair

Her Last Affair by John Searles

Published:  March 22, 2022 – Mariner Books

ARC courtesy of the publisher


Every marriage has its secrets….

Skyla lives alone in the shadow of the defunct drive-in movie theater that she and her husband ran for nearly fifty years. Ever since Hollis’s death in a freak accident the year before, Skyla spends her nights ruminating about the regrets and deceptions in her long marriage. That is, until she rents a cottage on the property to a charming British man, Teddy Cornwell….

A thousand miles away, Linelle is about to turn fifty. Bored by her spouse and fired from her job when a questionable photo from her youth surfaces on social media, her only source of joy is an on-line affair with her very first love, a man she’s not seen in nearly thirty years, Teddy Cornwell…

While in New York City, Jeremy, a failed and bitter writer, accepts an assignment to review a new restaurant in Providence. Years ago, Providence was the site of his first great love and first great heartbreak—and maybe, just maybe, he’ll look her up when he’s back in town…

Part page-turning thriller, part homage to film noir, and dazzling in its insight into the often desperate desires of the human heart, Her Last Affair is a tense and atmospheric novel of love lost and found again. (Publisher)

My mini-take:

Please read the publisher’s description above.

Her Last Affair is my first book to read by John Searles. This was a bit grittier in tone than my usual reads. I thought the plot was convoluted at times but still it held my interest – which is why I’ll read more from the author.

This book is about what happens when one revisits the past. Can you go back and be the person you were? For some it could be worth the effort, for others not so much. An interesting read that kept me turning the pages.


10 thoughts on “Mini Review: Her Last Affair

  1. It was an interesting story, Except that I found myself in the company of unsympathetic characters throughout the book, ones whose personalities I didn’t like one bit. But it was a good plot nevertheless.


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