Sunday Post

I had about a week of being able to leave a comment on Blogger blogs and am back to receiving error messages. I have no idea what changed but I’ll keep reading those blogs and attempting to leave a comment. Have a great week, everyone!

Book arrivals: (Mailbox Monday)

From Penguin and NetGalley

Kindle sale

My BOTM pick for March

Last week on Bookfan:

Review: The Golden Couple

Reading plan for this week: 



6 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Nice to see the Debra Webb book in the line up. I can only comment on Blogger blogs when I use Chrome. Generally I use Safari but it doesn’t allow me to comment on Blogger so when commenting I switch to Google Chrome.


  2. When I upgraded my operating system, I could no longer use FB to post comments on WordPress blogs. It was so strange. I got your comment today, though, so thanks for stopping by.

    The Paris Apartment looks really good.. Hope you enjoy your books.


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