Sunday Post

Book arrivals:  (Mailbox Monday)

Review galley from Graydon House


Audible deals also on my wish list


Kindle book deals

Last week on Bookfan:

Review:  The Lady in the Silver Cloud

Reading plan for this week:

I haven’t settled on a book for this week. Have you ever had a time when nothing calls out to you? 


12 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Often feel nothing calls to me, and I have heaps of books to choose from!! I am thinking of rereading Winter Solstice. I really enjoyed The stars are Fire by Anita Shreve on audio. Hope the reading angel guides you into your next read!


  2. Yes, this happens to me too! Some times it is easier when I have a review schedule and don’t have a choice. One of my things I do when I can’t decide is I go the oldest book on Goodreads list. Good luck finding a book – when you choose I hope it ends up being a really good one.


  3. Oh, yes, that has been happening to me more lately! That is when I go online and buy something new…which doesn’t improve the state of my TBR shelves!

    I like the look of your choices today. I am curious about The Honest Lie…and I loved Winter Solstice. Pilcher is one of my favorite authors of books from long ago.



  4. Mary, those Kindle specials are a double-edged sword. So easy to click “buy” and yet for me, they sit on my shelves – generally unread and forgotten at times. Winter Solstice is a gem, I just purchased Shell Seekers by Pilcher as a come – summer treat. enjoy. I’ve been doing a good amount of reading but, reviews are such a chore so I’m behind. Have a great week – IZZY hits here tonight snow to begin overnight and then change to rain.


  5. Save Me the Plums is on my list to read and I have Winter Solstice on my iPad & Kindle.

    I’ve had trouble choosing books, reading, and writing reviews since the middle of ’20. I really wish we could go back to normal!


  6. I’m seeing The Honest Lie around the blogs. I hope you enjoy it!
    I missed the last Audible sale being preoccupied with my trial prep. Just as well. 🙂
    I can almost always find something that calls to me. So many choices!
    Have a good week and Happy Reading!


  7. Oh, the new Tarryn Fisher sounds good, I’m intrigued! And I have those moments all the times too. I’ll usually pick up a few books in different genres and read a few pages until I find something that clicks.

    Have a great week!


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