Spotlight on: Celebration at Christmas Cove

Celebration at Christmas Cove by Carrie Jansen

Published:  Oct. 26, 2021 – Berkley Trade Paperback Original

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Travel magazine writer Celeste Bell is in a terrible mood. Not only was her flight to the Caribbean diverted to a Massachusetts island, now it looks like she’ll have to spend Christmas there. Single and still mourning the loss of her mother a year earlier, Celeste is desperate to avoid any emotional entanglements and all holiday festivities. She just doesn’t feel like celebrating.
But that’s exactly what community center director Nathan White and his young daughter Abigail want to do. Nathan is entirely focused on making sure that his daughter has a happy Christmas, especially with the knowledge that if he can’t raise money for the community center soon, it will close and they’ll have to leave the island. When he meets Celeste, Nathan begins to feel a connection and wonders if he’s brave enough to risk his heart once more.

Thawing their frozen hearts, and saving the community center will require a Christmas miracle. But tis’ the season… (publisher)

About the author:

Carrie Jansen earned an MFA in creative writing and published many poems and short stories before becoming a novelist. An avid bodyboarder and beach walker, she spends as much of the year as she can on Cape Cod, where she draws inspiration for her contemporary romances. She also writes Amish romance novels under her pseudonym, Carrie Lighte. Learn more online at


10 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Celebration at Christmas Cove

  1. Caribbean to Cape Cod is quite the diversion and change in temps at Christmas as well. Sounds good though.


  2. I do love books, both summer and winter, set on Cape Cod…or Nantucket.

    I once visited Boston in the fall, driving around Cape Cod on the weekend, and I LOVED it! That feeling fuels my love of books with these settings.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I’d like anything for Christmas other than a lockdown. We’ve just got through our third and since the country is opening up in stages, many feel it is too soon and we can expect a fourth wave by December. i dread this happening.


  4. I think this would be good. Interesting that she writes Amish romance. I am always fascinated by that group of people. It’s on my wish list to read some of those books.


  5. Oh this sounds lovely! I can’t imagine having a really cold Christmas but it’s nice to read about (though I think in real life I’d want the tropical Christmas!).


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