The Left-Handed Twin

The Left-Handed Twin by Thomas Perry

Expected publication:  November 16, 2021 – Mysterious Press

Advance review copy courtesy of the publisher


Rescue artist Jane Whitefield leads a deadly crime syndicate on a wild chase through the Northeast

Jane Whitefield helps people disappear. Fearing for their lives, fleeing dangerous situations, her clients come to her when they need to vanish completely—to assume a new identity and establish a new life somewhere they won’t be found. And when people are desperate enough to need her services, they come to the old house in rural western New York where Jane was raised to begin their escape.

It’s there that, one spring night, Jane finds a young woman fresh from LA with a whole lot of trouble behind her. After she cheated on her boyfriend, he dragged her to the home of the offending man and made her watch as he killed him. She testified against the boyfriend, but a bribed jury acquitted him, and now he’s free and trying to find and kill her.

Jane agrees to help, and it soon becomes clear that outsmarting the murderous boyfriend is not beyond Jane’s skills. But the boyfriend has some new friends: members of a Russian organized crime brotherhood. When they learn that Sara is traveling with a tall, dark-haired woman who disappears people, the Russians become increasingly interested in helping the boyfriend find the duo. They’ve heard rumors that such a woman existed—and believe that, if forcibly extracted, the knowledge she has of past clients could be worth millions.  

Thus begins a bloodthirsty chase that winds through the cities of the northeast before finally plunging into Maine’s Hundred Mile Wilderness. But in a pursuit where nothing can be trusted, one thing is certain: only one party—Jane or her pursuers—will emerge alive. (publisher)

My take:

The Left-Handed Twin is book nine in the Jane Whitefield series. If you, like me, haven’t read any of the previous books don’t let that stop you from dipping in with this book. A past case or two are referenced but didn’t make me feel I was missing context.

Jane helps desperate people to disappear and start life over. She’s an honorable woman who lives according to a philosophy that was instilled by her ancestors. It’s an important layer of the novel and one I appreciated.

So, no spoilers here except to say if you enjoy breath-taking, edge of your seat thrillers you should read The Left-Handed Twin. I’m happy I had the chance and won’t hesitate to pick up another of Thomas Perry’s books.

About the author:  Thomas Perry is the bestselling author of over twenty novels, including the critically acclaimed Jane Whitefield series, The Old Man, and The Butcher’s Boy, which won the Edgar Award.