Sunday Post

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to keep blogging last week. Your words meant a lot. I was so frustrated! I’ve blogged since 2008 and truly don’t want to stop. Thanks for your kind words. I have several review commitments that will take me through the end of the year and I’m hoping to keep things going into 2022. I love the book blogging world. So many great people out there  brought together through our love of reading – and I’m happy to have met you. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet in real life! If I run into problems again I will definitely reach out to those of you who offered help. Thank you!

Book arrivals:

I’m on a three-week roll of no new books. The upside is I’m getting my NG books read – only 5 to go! 

Last week on Bookfan:

Review:  When Christmas Comes

Reading plan for this week:

15 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. I haven’t thought of Christmas books yet. In fact the only one I noticed was the Mary Kay Andrews on. Glad future blogging is still a possibility for you. I love the cooler temps here as well, slowly putting away the summer clothes and pulling out some sweaters but, we don’t need them quite yet.


  2. I agree with you – the blogging community is amazing. I am glad you got encouragement from all of us. I always hoped I would meet you at BEA – sad that doesn’t happen anymore. I hope if you decide to stop blogging you will continue to review on Goodreads, so we still get your thoughts – I value those thoughts.


  3. Doing a happy dance here and that you are hanging in for some time more! I never offered to help but I would in a heart beat. I would have still checked out on Goodreads but a blog is easier to go straight to you and I have found so many good reads from you. I only have a small amount of NG books to go too, trying to keep it that way so that I can read all that’s on my shelves. Enjoy the books.


    • Thanks, Kathryn. I appreciate your thoughts. I’m about to start another NG book which will leave me with 3 on that review list. It takes some stress off, you know? Of course then a couple of library audios came in this week! Hoping to listen before they automatically return. These are problems I can live with.

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    • Thank you, Katherine. I hope Will is having a better week. I tried to comment on your Sunday post but Google said “oops”. You’re always in my prayers.


  4. I’ve missed you at MM. You can still link even if you have no new books. 🙂 We still like knowing what’s up in your world. I’m glad you are getting through your NG books. That always feels good.
    I think I’m ready for some Christmas books soon.
    I can relate to getting frustrated with the websites sometimes. I occasionally fix the post in Word and then transfer it.
    I hope you will continue blogging. You would be missed.
    Take Care and Happy Reading!


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