Sunday Post

Book arrivals:

Empty mailbox (again)

Last week on Bookfan:

Review: Keep Me Warm at Christmas

Reading plan for this week:

.I’m still reading this one

WordPress continues to challenge my blogging – for as simple as this post looks it took me FOREVER to put together. It’s making me think about letting the blog go and simply read. So that’s what I’m considering in the final quarter of 2021. I’ll end this post with a lovely view I enjoyed on a getaway last week.

Door County, Wisconsin

10 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Oh Mary, I’d miss your blog so much. I am not sure what problems you are having, but I know for me I have used the Classic block, which is virtually like what WordPress was like before they made the changes. After reading your review for the Brenda Novak book I went and pre-ordered it on Kindle. Very reasonably priced.

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  2. I have similar feelings about my blog at difference times. I encourage you to take a break ( as much as I would miss you ), then reevaluate. The enjoyment of reading is the important part. It would be sad to see you go.

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  3. Beautiful photo.

    I would miss you, but taking a break may help.

    I am still happy with Blogger. I do have a Word Press Blog just so I can comment on WP blogs and post my reviews. I don’t do anything else. It is cumbersome and difficult.

    Have a good week.

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  4. Like Kathryn, I click on Classic Block, although now and then, it doesn’t work very easily. It slips into a weird kind of application that makes it difficult to maneuver. So, no, not happy with many aspects.

    But…I hope you hang in there, as I would miss your blogging, too!

    Enjoy those books and your week!


  5. Ah, Mary, I understand about blog frustration. Maybe you could just take a break until 2022 and then consider coming back. I’ve often done that in the fall of the year. Even if you decide to stay away here, please do stop by and see us now and then on our blogs. 🙂


  6. What a beautiful picture Mary! Sorry WP is taking the fun out of blogging. So many years I’ve felt like “just reading” and giving up the blog but, then January rolls around and I reevaluate how much I’d miss the interaction from others who feel like long-time friends after 13 years. Hope you can work out the kinks.


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