17 thoughts on “Sunday Post

    • Diane, I tried to answer your comment on your blog but got an error message. The Taubes book I read is The Case For Keto. I also recommend End Your Carb Confusion by Eric Westman MD. I noticed improvement in just a few weeks of “going Keto”. Good luck!


  1. I see you are up to the Jodi Thomas book. I took August totally off review books so now my next book will be one and I will keep going till I knock some of them off. I did put Riverbend Gap into some list after reading your review but not quite sure where. Maybe to buy I think.


  2. Ooh I like the look of ‘The Younger Wife’, that cover is stunning and immediately gives you Gothic vibes with the creeping vine. I hope you enjoy your reading and have a lovely week 🙂
    Juli @ A Universe in Words


  3. Great books this week. Dinner on Primrose Hill sounds wonderful. Hope you enjoy your books. Thanks for visiting my blog last week.


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