Sunday Post

Book arrivals: (linked to Mailbox Monday)

The Woman at the Front (from Berkley and NG)

Last week on Bookfan:

Review: Shoulder Season
Spotlight: The Personal Librarian

Reading plan for this week:I’m going to choose a book from my personal book shelves – so many waiting to be read

9 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. You had a good week Mary. I spotlighted The Personal Librarian as well but, haven’t read it yet – sounds good. Shoulder Season will be one I hope to squeeze in this summer as well. Have a good week.


  2. Ah Mary – our own bookshelves. I so want to get into them. I keep making plans for them and then get caught up in library and review books. I read about two and half books a week most weeks but never get there really!!


  3. Nice group of books this week. The Personal Librarian is on my list to read.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy your new books.


  4. Great idea to pick a book from your personal shelf. I very rarely read books from my personal shelf and I want to start trying to get to at least one a month.


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