Sunday Post

Book arrivals: (linked to Mailbox Monday)

The Last Commandment (from Mysterious Press and Tandem Literary)

Dinner on Primrose Hill (from Kensington/Zebra and NetGalley)

Write My Name Across the Sky (from Lake Union and NetGalley)

I’d Give Anything (from Wm. Morrow and Goodreads)

Last week on Bookfan:

Review: What a Happy Family

Review: Home to Texas

Spotlight: Fox & I

Review: Cooper’s Story

Reading plan for this week:

22 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Mmm I have the Jodi Thomas book too and put the O’Neal book into my NG TBR pile quite awhile ago but yet to read it. I have been waiting for I’d Give Anything to come to my library and holding off buying it. I guess the paperback is coming out this year as maybe the hardback last year. I do have the Monroe book in my library reserve list as well.

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  2. I just saw on Jodi Thomas newsletter that this book is coming out in the fall.. Can’t wait to read it. I love her books. And I must put Kaki Walkers and Mary Alice Monroe books on my tbr. Happy 4th of July


  3. I didn’t know Marissa de los Santos had a new book coming out! I have The Summer of Lost and Found on my summer list as well.


    • This was a Goodreads win – paperback. She has another new book coming so the book I received is probably the PB release of a hardback.


  4. Awesome books this week. The Last Commandment sounds amazing. Dinner on Primrose Hill looks good too.

    Hope you have a nice week. Thanks for visiting my blog today.


    • Thanks! I tried to comment on your blog but got an error message – happens to me a lot with Blogger. I enjoyed reading some of your posts!


  5. The cover on the Jodi Thomas book is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to have an hour to sit on that porch and read a book! Enjoy your reading and have a great week!


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