US Giveaway: The Bounty

Sometimes a book blogger over-estimates the amount of books she can read in a particular window of time. I did that. But I want to let US readers of Bookfan have a chance to win the book I just don’t have time to read. I included the title in my Spring Preview and also did a Spotlight Post. Go check those out and see if The Bounty is a book you’d like to win! If it is, you can enter here (giveaway has ended). It’s a quick giveaway – ends on Saturday, May 1st. Good luck!

US Giveaway has ended

2 thoughts on “US Giveaway: The Bounty

  1. They must have revived these? I remember reading a couple earlier ones, but I think they were written with Lee Goldberg? I remember them being pretty fun reads.


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