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I picked up a few books for my Kindle



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Reading plan for this week:


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    • It’s been a while since I’ve read a Luanne Rice book as well, Kathryn. It’s one of Amazon’s First Reads books this month so I grabbed it. I’m hoping to start the Thayne book today or tomorrow. Life is really busy for me at the moment.


  1. I just put Luanne Rice’s book on request at the library. It’s been a long time since I have read any of her books. I also have RaeAnne’s book on request too.. Have a good reading week.


  2. Lost, Found & Forever is so tempting to me. I picked up The Shadow Box too and was tempted by Wish Me Home. I picked The Ardent Swarm as my second First Reads in January.
    Have a good week and enjoy your reading!


  3. Hi Mary,

    I have to confess that I’m not much of an animal person, however they do know how to look cute and captivate and audience.

    I really like the sound of ‘The Shadow Box’ and I would also like to invest in the ‘Tracy Crosswhite’ series, however ‘My Sister’s Grave’ has become a lengthy and obviously very successful series and I’m not sure that I have enough time to invest in playing catch-up!

    I hope that you enjoy all of your new books and your planned reading for this week!

    Take Care 🙂


  4. Lost Found and Forever looks so sweet. I love the dog on the cover. I really need to pick up that RaeAnne Thayne. I haven’t loved her standalones as much as her series books but it looks so good!


  5. Lost, Found & Forever looks adorable. Wish Me Home sounds good, too.

    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog Monday.


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