Keeping Track: 2020 Reading Chart

While on a walk recently I was thinking about my reading choices in 2020. I decided to compile the titles into a spreadsheet divided by genres. This is what I came up with:

The total number of books read in 2020 is 173. What surprised me the most is the Mystery/Thriller percentage, second only to Women’s Fiction. I didn’t realize I’d read so many mysteries! Also surprising, Historical Fiction came in at only 8%. I love the genre and would have estimated a higher percentage. I’ll probably do another spreadsheet and pie chart for 2021 and compare to this chart.

What about you? Do you keep track of your reading?


11 thoughts on “Keeping Track: 2020 Reading Chart

  1. WOW Mary, 173 is impressive and overall a very nice mix. I didn’t break my 2020’s down by genre but now I’m curious. I’m pretty sure Psych Thrillers and Domestic Fiction were about 60% of what I read.


  2. Impressive stats! I keep track of genres read each month, but I’ve never created a spreadsheet for a closer look at the details. I should consider doing that. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi Mary,

    I must admit that I never even think of analysing my reading that closely, but it is interesting when you see it broken down as you have. I read so few books compared to most of the rest of you, that it wouldn’t really take me too long to work out the genres ratios, I might try that later.

    I find that quite a few of my books lately have crossed over between a couple of genres, so separating them out might be tricky. I have been struck by the amount of fictionalised memoirs out there in the marketplace and I have quite enjoyed them, despite memoirs per se, not usually being my favourite reads.

    I hope that you have some great choices lined up for 2021 🙂

    Yvonne Xx


  4. How neat. I have a spreadsheet but I’ve never turned it into a pie chart. That gave me an idea for this year.


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