Sunday Post

Book arrivals: 

Another empty mailbox 🙂

Last week on Bookfan:


Reading plan for this week:

I’m completely caught up at NetGalley so I plan to finish the year reading from my shelves.

Chasing the Sun is the third book in Kaki Warner’s Blood Rose trilogy and has been on my shelf since 2011 – I enjoyed the first two books and look forward to seeing how the trilogy wraps up.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. I love being caught up on NetGalley, too. I have no other NG books until December. So I am trying to catch up on the neglected books on my shelves.

    Enjoy yours, and The Good Sister is one of my NG ARCs for 2021.


  2. Happy reading, that book is totally unknown to me, obviously came before my blogging days! I am swamped a little with library books again so need to make inroads to them in next couple of weeks.


  3. I’m interested in The Good SIster, I liked the author’s earlier books. Hope you have a good week Mary.


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