21 thoughts on “Sunday Post

    • Thank you, Mystica. And I received an email from Facebook (which I haven’t been active on in several years) that today is your birthday. Happy Birthday! It is also my husband’s 🙂


    • Thanks, Laurel. I finished the book in a day and a half – mostly because it was creepy and I wanted to be finished with it, lol.


  1. I have RaeAnne’s and Jodi’s book on my TBR list.. I have not read anything by Megan Collins, but this sounds like a book that will go on the TBR list.


  2. Hi Mary,

    I’m not a seasonal reader, so I wouldn’t have been surprised to discover that this was actually one of last years Christmas novels. However I WAS surprised to find out that this is a book which is already around gathering reviews ready for Christmas 2020! I don’t want to contemplate Christmas when we aren’t even half way through the year yet, especially with everything that’s going on right now!

    I see that you are already well ahead of your reading plan with ‘Behind The Red Door’ and that you obviously enjoyed it. Megan is a new to me author, but her name is definitely heading for my reading list, so thanks for the recommendation!

    Have a good week and stay safe 🙂



    • I hear you about reading upcoming Christmas novels! I noticed it on NG a few days ago and grabbed it but I’ll read it close to the pub. date in the fall. Behind The Red Door pushed my limits by which I mean it was very creepy. I read very quickly because I wanted it to be over, ha. Good writing, etc – it was just a bit too much for my anxiety capacity, you know?
      Thanks and have a good week!


  3. Behind the Red Door sounds interesting! I’m not quite ready for Christmas though, haha!

    Hope you have a good week, happy reading!


    • Hi Elizabeth. Hope you have a good week as well and enjoy your new book. My paternal grandmother’s family was from Prague! It’s a place I’ve always hoped to visit one day.


  4. Exciting to see Christmas titles coming in already. I love the end of year Christmas reading.


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