Midnight Abduction

Midnight Abduction by Nichole Severn

Published:  May 2020 – Harlequin Intrigue

E-galley from the publisher and NetGalley


For the Tactical Crime Division, no case is left cold.

When Benning Reeves’s twins are kidnapped, the frantic father knows who can help: the Tactical Crime Division and Ana Ramirez. Even though Ana once shattered Benning’s heart, the special agent is the only one he can trust. But Ana is still tormented by the unresolved case that brought them together years before—a case somehow entangled with Benning’s children. It’s up to the TCD and Ana to discover why…before it’s too late. (publisher)

My take:  Ana Ramirez and Benning Reeves have a past. When someone died on her watch she transferred to another office of the TCD without a glance back at the life she was leaving. Six years later she’s called back to the town she left – a special request from Benning – to find his two kidnapped children. Midnight Abduction is an action-packed romantic suspense. There were some violent scenes that made me cringe (and would have me closing my eyes if it was a movie) and wonder how Ana kept going. She’s a highly-trained professional though and a strong character that was easy to cheer for. This is Ana’s story but I also liked Benning. They seemed perfect for each other so, of course, I hoped for their HEA. I enjoyed the fast pace of the novel. Coming in at 256 pages it is the perfect length for when you’re in the mood for an exciting and suspenseful read.

Midnight Abduction is the third book in the Tactical Crime Division series and can easily stand alone. It’s the second book I’ve read and I look forward to reading more.

About the author:

Nichole Severn writes romantic suspense with strong heroines, heroes who dare challenge them, and a hell of a lot of guns. When she’s not writing, she’s injuring herself running and practicing yoga.

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5 thoughts on “Midnight Abduction

  1. This book and these books in this genre that you have been reviewing are inviting. I do love romantic suspense, only time is against me!


    • They are quick reads and, for readers like me who aren’t drawn to full-on crime novels, this book (and series) fits the bill.


  2. I have never read this author, but this one does sound good. Interesting cover, although at first glance, I was put off by it. I had to study it to finally enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.


    • It’s funny how covers affect readers? Normally I wouldn’t be drawn in by the cover alone but since I’ve been reading the series for blog tour it had almost no effect on me. When I go back and study it now it seems a bit busy.


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