The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr

The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr

A Sullivan’s Crossing Novel: Book 5

Published: January 2020 – Mira

Digital galley courtesy of Mira, NetGalley, Little Bird Publicity


A summer rental, a new beginning…

Hannah Russell’s carefully crafted plans for her life have been upended without warning. When her best friend died suddenly, Hannah became guardian to a five-year-old named Noah. With no experience at motherhood, she’s terrified she’s not up to the challenge. She and Noah need time to get to know each other, so she decides to rent a country house with stunning views on a lake in rural Colorado.

When they arrive at the house, they are greeted by the owner, a handsome man who promises to stay out of their way. But his clumsy Great Dane, Romeo, has other ideas and Noah immediately bonds with the lovable dog. As Hannah learns to become a mother, Owen Abrams, who is recovering from his own grief, can’t help but be drawn out of his solitude by his guests.

But life throws more challenges at this unlikely trio and they are tested in ways they never thought possible. All three will discover their strengths and, despite their differences, they will fight to become a family. And the people of Sullivan’s Crossing will rally around them to offer all of the support they need. (publisher)

My take:  I loved this story about three people creating a new family. They face plenty of challenges but will learn to trust their instincts in order to move forward. I liked how Robyn Carr let characters from previous books (Cal, Helen and Sully) play important roles in the plot. It was nice to see what was happening in their lives and in the small Colorado mountain town.

This is such an enjoyable series. Every time I finish reading the latest book it’s with the hope that there will be another. That’s my sign of a good read and a great addition to the series. Recommended to fans of the author, stories about family and community, and the Sullivan’s Crossing series.


I watched the Netflix production of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River a few weeks ago. This is the series that made me a fan of Carr. I loved how the series was brought to life. The casting was great. When I finished the season my mind went to the Sullivan’s Crossing series – I hope Netflix has grabbed the rights. I think it would be fabulous!

Robyn Carr is the author of more than 50 novels, which have sold over 28 million copies worldwide. She has written 11 #1 New York Times bestsellers, and her beloved Virgin River series is currently being adapted by Netflix, with the series set to premiere in late 2019 or early 2020. In 2016, Robyn was awarded the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award from Romance Writers of America.






13 thoughts on “The Country Guesthouse by Robyn Carr

  1. Yes I am loving the Virgin River series on Netflix too, I see some not liking the deviation from the books but I think it has been done well. And what a good idea about Sullivan’s Crossing. Yes another hit from this reliable and lovely author.


    • I guess I can understand purists being upset by any changes to the novels but I read them so long ago that I’m not bothered. I don’t reread many books but I think I’ll rewatch the series 🙂

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  2. I have had my eye on this one for a while, and finally downloaded it today. I can’t wait to read it. I have devoured several books set in Sullivan’s Crossing and I feel right at home there.

    I am also watching Virgin River on Netflix and loving it!

    Thanks for sharing.


    • I love the cast of Virgin River and was happy with the first season. So glad to hear there will be a season two! I hope you enjoy this latest Sullivan’s Crossing book!


    • I wasn’t a regular fan of contemporary romance when I found the 4th book of the Virgin River series at my local B&N. It was a Christmas theme with an eye-catching cover. When I noticed there were three previous books I bought them and read before the fourth. And went on to read most of her vast list of books. I hope you get a chance to watch the series! And of course I hope you will enjoy The Country Guesthouse when you get around to it 😀


  3. Mary,
    This book sounds terrific! I will keep the Virgin River Netflix series in mind–it sounds like a series I’d truly enjoy!


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