Sunday Post

My tulips on Saturday. Yes, my tulips in snow.

Book arrivals:  (linked to Mailbox Monday)


Last week on Bookfan:


Reading plan for this week:

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Those tulips look amazing with the snow beside them, so beautiful. I clicked over to see who and what the Ann Cleves is. Okay a mystery – hope its very enjoyable.


  2. Love the tulips…it is cold here too, but no snow.

    Winter is taking a LONG time to depart this year.

    Nice mailbox…..I love William Kent Krueger’s books. I downloaded this book too. 🙂

    THE SCENT KEEPER looks good.

    Have a great reading week, Mary.


    • Thanks, Elizabeth. My comment didn’t post on your Mailbox post so I’ll do it here 🙂
      What an awesome win from Harper Collins! Have a good week.


  3. I had the same cheerful-looking tulips poking out of a few inches of snow. My daffodils were not as happy though. I don’t think the Midwest is going to get spring this year.


  4. Beautiful tulips! I really want to add some around our house too, they are such lovely flowers.

    I’ve never read Ann Cleeves but I have heard some great things about her books. I hope you enjoy it, have a great reading week!


  5. We don’t have snow where I live, ever. I don’t think I would cope if it snowed. The Long Call is going straight on my must read list. I enjoy Ann Cleeves writing.


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