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I was at my mom’s house last week so there wasn’t much time for reading. 

Some exciting news: the closing on my parents’ Arizona house was Friday. We had a wonderful realtor who made selling a house a thousand miles away surprisingly easy. 


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  1. Congratulations on the sale of the house! Glad you found someone to make it easy. My daughter read The Secret of Clouds and said it is very good! Hope you enjoy it.


  2. Oh wow, Mary, so happy the selling of your mom’s house went easy. When I did that it was a nightmare and we were only 10 miles away. The first buyer backed out then the house was empty and the copper pipes ended up being cut and stolen while it was for sale.

    I love the looks of your new books as well; enjoy.


    • Oh, Diane, what a nightmare house sale story. I think we really lucked out with the entire sale. Right buyer and the right time. Now we can concentrate on mom in her Wisconsin home which is only 3 hours away from me. Thanks for visiting!


  3. I’ve been eyeing The French Girl for a while, it sounds like an interesting thriller. I hope you enjoy it and your other new books. Happy reading!


  4. Your new books look good – all new to me. Why Kill the Innocent gets my interest.
    I am so glad you had a good realtor. That can make a big difference.
    Happy Reading!


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