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I’m back at home this week and look forward to more reading time after almost none last week. Thanks for the good wishes as we worked to get my mom’s winter home ready to list. We’re hoping for a fast sale.


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  1. Good thoughts for a fast sale. It is so hard to go back and forth to care for a parent. We did that, too, and we were happy to still have them to do it for. Both of my parents died within months of each other and you never really get over losing them. I know how much you do for your mom. A missed week of reading makes me feel dreadful…as though I will never catch up! Is there such a thing as reading guilt? Enjoy this week of reading!


    • Thanks, Patty. One of my sisters posted an article Rob Lowe wrote about caring for her mom when she had cancer. It really hit home in all the feelings one experiences in that position. We hope to keep our mom in her home for as long as possible.
      I’m requesting fewer books these days because I know my reading is going to be slower. I’m also choosier 🙂 Thanks for your good thoughts!


      • My sister lived a block away from my parents and literally checked on them 3 times a day…my brothers and I were all out of state but we came in as much as we could…mostly to be with my mom and dad so my sister could get a break. My parents were a challenge because they did not want at home help and were outraged at the thought of assisted living. They had been so strong and independent for so long that the reality of the care they needed was hard for any of us to get. They did go to assisted living eventually but it was not easy. They had to be in different rooms in rehab before assisted living and that was awful. They died within months of each other…we were in total shock and bereft without them. We still are. So take care. I know you have a lot on your mind. Our only consolation was how good their lives were before illnesses took them.


  2. Good luck on the sale of your mom’s house – stressful I’m sure. I loved the pretty covers on this week’s books – cheers me up in the cold LOL


    • Thanks, Diane. I love the book covers as well. Wishing we could buy my mom’s house but the timing isn’t right. I don’t want to be that far from our grandchildren!


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. It’s tough caring for elderly parents. We finally had to put my FIL in the Soldiers’ Home and moved my MIL in with one of her sons so that I could sell their house. We couldn’t balance all the medical bills and their house bills. It was a tough choice. I will keep you and your family up in prayer.

    Thayne and Carr are always good reads. Hope you enjoy your new books.


    • Thanks, Cheryl. I still can’t post on your blog but I want to let you know how sorry I was to read about your neighbor. I’ll keep her family in my prayers.


  4. Glad you are back home and hope you can get some very relaxing reading time, Mary. And hope for a quick sale. I’ve ‘been there done that’. Just one more task and then you’ll be past it.


  5. I can’t wait to read The Best of Us…Robyn Carr is one of my fav writers. The Cliff House is another book on my must be read list.. both of these authors are always on my TBR shelf.


  6. Hi Mary,

    You are so right about so many things changing when it comes to the sale of a house these days. When my dad passed away a couple of years ago now, my brother and I were charged with selling the family home and couldn’t believe how difficult and time consuming it was, with the multi-layers of security and ID checks you have to go through. Hubbie and I had been contemplating moving ourselves, but the experience my brother and I had in settling dad’s estate, completely put us off! – Anyway, I hope that things go smoothly for you, as you don’t need the extra stress right now 🙂

    ‘The Missing Years’ is definitely one I shall be looking out for and ‘The Cliff House’ sounds as though it has real potential.

    I hope that you enjoy your books and have a peaceful week 🙂

    Yvonne xx


    • We’ve been thinking about downsizing for a few years. I’m going to need a break after we get through my mother’s sale. And I need to make a goal of regularly cleaning out closets, etc. Thank you for your kind wishes.


  7. Wishing you well on the sale of the house. We went through the house process with my father-in-law. By the time we got him to move to an assisted living community (he resisted for a year!), he was no longer able to make the decisions needed to sell his home. It hit my husband hard because he is an only child and had to sort through 50 years of stuff in the house. Audiobooks kept me sane … I listened while I helped clean and sort things out.


    • Thanks, Leslie. I’ve never been so happy (and relieved) to have several siblings. Everyone has stepped up, thankfully. I really appreciate what you and your husband had to do. Thank goodness for audiobooks! BTW, my mom is also resisting assisted living so it probably won’t happen until it is physically necessary. We’ll try to honor her wishes as long as possible.


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