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  • Review:  Christmas on the Island

Reading plan for this week:

The book I intended to read last week didn’t happen. Instead my mom came to stay with us for most of the week because the plumbing pipes in her 75+ year old home decided to virtually disintegrate and needed to be replaced. She couldn’t stay there while the work was being done so she came to visit. We had a nice time and are hoping that’s the last of house issues she’ll have for a long time.

I think an audiobook is the way to go this week so I just need to decide which one.


25 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Both books look appealing…anything can happen in an older home…lovely scary surprises…we built our house and it’s barely 20 years old but Den is always walking around tapping on things and looking in the basement and the attic!


  2. Well at least hopefully the plumbing will get a thorough overhaul and be perfectly behaved from now on. Unsettling for your Mom though. I got the Robyn Carr book too, so look forward to it.


  3. Christmas on the Island sound appealing. Wouldn’t that be nice to do someday. Happy reading and being with Mom.


    • Yes, an island holiday would be nice – even a dark, cold one as in this novel. I really would like to visit this imaginary place!


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