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No new books last week!

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I’m caught up with review books for the year so I decided to see what Christmas novels have been lingering on my Kindle. I picked up Away in Montana by Jane Porter a year ago so it’s high time I read it, don’t you think? (Book cover links to Goodreads)


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  1. Nice to have caught up on your review books for the year. I like Jane Porter and a Christmas read now at this time of the year is perfect! Hope you enjoy it.


    • I should be more clear, I guess. I have 3 NG titles left but they publish in Feb, March, and May of 2019. So I’ll wait to read until the new year. I’m 2 books away from making my GR goal so I’m in no rush to add to the total this year. When I write that it seems kind of silly but I like to work the numbers, lol.


  2. I am caught up on my NetGalley ARCs for the year, too; however, I have a few to read and review for January, February, March…and August 2019! I’ll start on the January ones soon.

    Enjoy the feeling of being “caught up.”

    I have liked some Anita Hughes books…and I’ve loved Barbara Taylor Bradford…but I haven’t read her in a while. I have Cavendon Hall from her on my Kindle…patiently waiting. I should really read it soon!



    • I’ve never read Barbara Taylor Bradford so when her book arrived in my mailbox I decided to run a giveaway since I knew I wouldn’t have time to read it before it published.
      I have 3 NG titles that publish in the first half of 2019 but will wait until the new year to read those. Plus, I have a print galley of Robyn Carr’s new book earmarked for my First Read of the year. Needless to say, I’m excited about the books I’ll be reading next year!


      • I’ve never read her and just didn’t have time in my reading schedule to read her new one – hence the spotlight/giveaway. A lot of people entered the giveaway so I’m happy about that. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth!


  3. I’m still playing catch up with my reviews but am looking forward to a December full of festive reads.

    Congratulations on having caught up with your reviews and happy reading.


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