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The week was a busy one – a trip with one of my sisters to see our mom and take her to a medical appointment and ending with the family gathering to celebrate her 85th birthday on Saturday. She’s had a tough year with the passing of our dad and several medical issues to deal with but her spirit is good and we feel fortunate to celebrate this milestone with her.

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  1. Yes a tough year for your Mom and all of you, nice that you could be with her for a special birthday. I haven’t read Nan Rossiter but I feel she is someone I should try.


  2. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! I love that you and your sister(s) take such good care of her. I wish her many many more birthdays!


  3. So glad you and your sister got to spend time with your Mom for her birthday! Memories such as these are important and cherished. Have a good week, Mary! By the way, I just finished reading Kristan Higgins’ book, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. I’m still pondering whether to share thoughts about it on the blog. I probably won’t. It was quite sad and yet, I understood a lot of the thinking of the main characters toward themselves and their complicated relationship with food. Apparently it made a big splash in a negative way with many readers. I thought it was pretty well done. Glad that you shared about it because that’s what made me pick it up. 🙂


    • Thanks, Kay. I’m so glad you liked GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. I saw a lot of negative statements (pre-publication) from people who hadn’t even read the book. That was rather disheartening but also it discounted their statements in my mind. Kristan Higgins did a great job with developing the three main characters and their relationship with food and other people. I liked the book very much.


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