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Book arrivals: (linked to Mailbox Monday)


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Reading plan for this week:


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    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to starting The Lies We Told. I’ll fit a light Christmas book in before though. I need the balance 🙂


  1. The two books you got look interesting, was just looking at the seams on the stockings, they were still in when I was a teen and can remember trying to keep them straight!


    • Thanks for your comment! I wanted to let you know I’ve been trying to comment on your blog post but it disappeared. Not sure what the problem is but just know I do visit and read your blog.


  2. From looking at the cover art alone, I was really interested in both your new finds, until I realised that ‘Little Shop Of Found Things’ is a magical fantasy story, which doesn’t really do it for me! – Which is a great shame, as it also describes in the premise the fact that the ‘Little Shop’ can be found in Marlborough, which is just a short distance from where we live and is indeed as historic and quaint a place as it looks and sounds! – Quintessentially English, probably sums Marlborough up nicely and many of the shop fronts do look this amazing.

    I hope that you enjoy both your new books and your chosen reading this week 🙂



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