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  1. Ooh, the Debbie Macomber book looks good…and, as you know, I also got Forget You Know Me.

    I plan to start The Dream Daughter today. I had begun reading my library book, but realized that it will keep me reading for a few days, and I want to get the ARCs done!

    I can always renew the library book…maybe. LOL

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy your reading.


  2. Ah a nice Christmas picture in my Bloglovin’ feed which of course is D Macomber’s book. Lovely cover. Hope The Dream Daughter is good and you like it. I have quite a few of her backlist sitting on my shelf and have read quite a few of hers already, but not this her latest.


  3. I have quite a few Diane Chamberlain books on both my virtual and real book shelves, as my mother-in-law really enjoys her writing and shares all her new finds with me, although I have yet to read any of them for myself. She hasn’t mentioned ‘The Dream Daughter’ yet, but no doubt it will be on her radar.

    Isn’t it funny how you get such beautiful cover art, as featured on Diane’s book, then another author like Jessica Strawser will go and spoil cover art by plastering the title words all across it. I am not typically a cover snob, but It’s such a shame!

    Enjoy your reading this week 🙂



    • I’ll be interested in your MIL’s thoughts on The Dream Daughter if she gets a chance to read it. Quite different from the first book by the author that I read a year or so ago.
      I agree about the cover being obliterated by the title. Not sure if that’s the final cover or just a “place holder”. It publishes in Feb. ’19 I think.


  4. Oh the Macomber looks great! Would you believe I’ve yet to actually read one of her Christmas books? I’ve seen a few as Hallmark movies but I’ve never actually read one of the books. I’ve got a couple on audio ready to go this year to make sure I fix that! Have a great week!


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