25 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Have seen a few people talking about The Subway Girls but I don’t know much about it. Lucky you with The Christmas Sisters, I will read it though for sure.


    • LOL, thanks Laurel. I’ll wait a while to read the Christmas book. That said, I got sucked into a Hallmark Christmas movie this afternoon 😀


  2. I am reading The Subway Girls now and really enjoying it…so far! Lovely books…a Christmas one sounds refreshing in this heat!


  3. I have been trying to resist some of the Christmas titles at NetGalley. A few more weeks while I read a few more already in my queue; then I will pick some.
    Happy Reading!


  4. Even though we are in the middle of a massive heatwave, here in the UK, you go for your Christmas book girl! Just looking at that cover art is cooling me down a little – and it is only 6am!

    Seriously, I too, am no respecter of seasonal reading, I will read whatever catches my eye at the time, especially when I am auto-approved.

    I quite like the sound of ‘The Subway Girls’, so I hope that you enjoy it and enjoy the visit with your mom 🙂



    • Yvonne, I hope the heatwave breaks soon. It will probably be a while before I read the Christmas book but maybe I’ll change my plan if our temps get uncomfortably warm 🙂


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