2017 Favorite Books

Wow, 2017 was a great reading year for me. I enjoyed all of the books I read and that made coming up with my list of favorites quite difficult. I was tempted to just not do a list but that’s no fun, right?  Anyway, I went through the list of books read (not necessarily published) in 2017 and these are the titles that stood out. Have you read any of them? They are listed in the order read and all covers link to my reviews:


25 thoughts on “2017 Favorite Books

  1. This looks like a good list, Mary. The only one I have read is The Things We Keep. And it was in my top 11. I probably should be checking out a few of these other ones. BUT I DON’T HAVE ANY ROOM IN MY TBR PILE! Sorry about that, Mary. I lost control for a moment. Nicely done.


  2. It is hard to pick favorite books. I’ve read and enjoyed Slightly South of Simple, The Summer House, and The Things We Keep.

    I see some on your list that are calling to me, like The Garden of Small Beginnings.

    On my Curl up and Read blog, I have pages for books purchased, read, review books, etc. And each month, I pick a favorite book (or two). I have a separate page for Favorites of the Year…but since there are one or more favorites each month, I still have to whittle the list down to get ten books.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • I really liked The Garden of Small Beginnings. The author has a new book due out in 2018 so perhaps this will be on sale one day soon! Thanks for visiting, Laurel. I enjoy seeing your monthly lists.


  3. I see a few I thoroughly enjoyed. I have the Chilbury Ladies in my own list and I really enjoyed Slightly South of Simple and The Promises We Keep – think I read that one last year. It is hard to pick, but no fun if we don’t!


  4. Hi Mary,

    I must admit, that there are very few books I don’t enjoy for one reason or another and so long as I avoid the fantasy and science fiction genres, that is likely to be the case more often than not.

    I haven’t read or bookmarked any of the titles on your list, so checking them out was a pleasant few minutes spent.

    The books by authors, Hannah McKinnon, Kirsty Woodson Harvey and Jennifer Ryan are the most closely aligned to my own reading tastes, however my TBR pile is so huge, that I dare not add any more right now!

    Thanks for a great year of correspondence and I wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year 🙂



    • I tend to stay away from Fantasy and Sci-Fi as well, Yvonne. One exception was The Martian read a year or two ago. I totally enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by to read my list. Happy New Year!


  5. Great list Mary! I loved News of the World and The Summer House. I’m almost done with Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance and already know it will be on my favorite list!


    • Thanks, Jan. I wondered if many people would agree with my reaction to BoEC with it’s magical realism elements. But it made my list because I loved how I felt as I turned the last page.


  6. Great list! I loved Chilbury Ladies’ Choir and Something Like Happy was fantastic. Garden of Small Beginnings is on my TBR and I’ll have to check out several of the others.


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