The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

  • Title:  The Flight Attendant
  • Author:  Chris Bohjalian
  • Genre:  Thriller
  • Pages:  368
  • Pub. Date:  March 2018 – Doubleday
  • Source:  Publisher; NetGalley

My take:  Cassie has been a flight attendant for a major airline for almost 20 years. She’s also a functioning alcoholic which has given her a reputation among her co-workers and the few friends she has. When she works the first class section on a flight to Dubai she meets a handsome and charming American hedge fund manager who she agrees to meet later at his hotel. That decision, followed by a series of really bad decisions, sets her life on an unexpected course that is in turn horrifying and intriguing.

Told mostly from Cassie’s (unreliable) perspective the novel made me feel anxious – and yet I couldn’t stop reading. I don’t want to risk a spoiler but I can say that if an international, of-the-moment thriller is a genre you enjoy you will want to read The Flight Attendant.


21 thoughts on “The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

  1. I just disliked the character of Cassie but the brilliance of this book lies in the authors ability to hold your interest despite your dislike growing with every page!!


  2. I feel anxious about this book, too, which is why I haven’t read it yet. This author is sooo good but he always writes about topics that sort of make me feel uneasy.


  3. I have been eagerly anticipating this one for months! I like the author’s writing and the way he reveals the intricate details of his characters’ lives, even (or especially) when they are dark and disturbing. Thanks for sharing. Great review!


  4. Oh I am not sure about an unreliable narrator! I want them to be reliable – says something about me I guess! However if its a page turner then very tempting.


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