The Rancher’s Christmas Song by RaeAnne Thayne

  • Title:  The Rancher’s Christmas Song
  • Series:  The Cowboys of Cold Creek  #16
  • Author:  RaeAnne Thayne
  • Genre:  Contemporary Romance; Christmas
  • Pages:  224
  • Published:  October 2017 – Harlequin Special Edition
  • Source:  Publisher; NetGalley

Description:  Keep a song in your heart this holiday season… 

Music teacher Ella Baker’s plate is already full. But when single dad Beckett McKinley’s wild twin boys need help preparing a Christmas song for their father, Ella agrees on one condition: they teach her to ride a horse. She’s hoping that’ll help mend her strained relationship with her rancher father; it certainly has nothing to do with the crush that’s lingered since her one and only date with Beck. 

It isn’t disinterest spurring Beck to keep his distance—if anything, the spark is too strong, with Ella reminding him of his ex-wife. Soon what started as an innocent arrangement is beginning to feel a lot like family. But with the holidays approaching, Beck and Ella will have to overcome past hurts if they want to keep each other warm this Christmas…  (publisher)

My take:  I was introduced to the Cowboys of Cold Creek series with book #13. I didn’t feel like I missed anything by not reading the previous books in the series and I can tell you the same after reading #16 – so don’t let the number scare you. I’ve found all of her books can stand alone.

This year’s Christmas book is a lovely family story. There’s rancher Beck, single father of young twin boys, and Ella, former city girl and current local music teacher. Ella’s father owns the ranch next door to Beck’s so they are acquainted but that’s all – until the annual Christmas program begins rehearsals and the two find themselves playing more important roles in the other’s life.

In true RaeAnne Thayne style The Rancher’s Christmas Song is a charming story that embraces the true meaning of the season. Recommended to fans of the author and romantic Christmas novels you want to read in one sitting.


25 thoughts on “The Rancher’s Christmas Song by RaeAnne Thayne

  1. But Halloween just ended! Okay, I realize that Xmas stories are coming out now. And I have to admit I have never read Thayne. She seems like a good solid romance author.


    • 🙂 I was thinking of you and a few others who’ve commented in the past about needing to read in order. I think maybe the Christmas theme makes it easier to read on its own.


  2. I am a fan of RaeAnne’s Cold Creek series as I am with her other series. I have finished both of her new books this past week.. I have lots more holiday reading to do…


  3. I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of books in the Haven Point series by this author, and I like the sound of this one. I am always happy to learn that books in a series can stand alone. Thanks for sharing, and this one might be the perfect addition to my Christmas books stack.


  4. I haven’t read any of her Cold Creek series but have earmarked her Christmas ones on Audible to listen to and would like to do so with at least one of them this year!


    • I’ve enjoyed the most recent three – with a Christmas theme. They’re fewer pages than her other series so kind of nice for a busy time of year.


  5. I LOVE RaeAnne Thayne but I’ve mostly read the Haven’s Point series. The numbers usually don’t scare me in a romance but it’s good to know that it really doesn’t matter. This sounds like a fun one to dive into. Thayne writes the best Christmas books!


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