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17 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. It looks like you are back after your week with family and festivities! I just started The Recipe Box and I already have a new recipe for Apple Crisp.


  2. You certainly do have lots of books to choose from every Sunday. I’m selfishly glad that I rarely get books sent to me by publishers. Fortunately, I get Coben’s ARC every year. That more than satisfies me!


  3. Hi Mary,

    I hope that your nephew’s wedding went off okay and that everyone enjoyed the day 🙂

    You have four great books this week, a couple of which have appeared on more than one other site for review. Given the state of my TBR pile, I’m not too sure that any of them are that enticing – who am I kidding, given half a chance they would all be added!!

    I’m going to resist, but thanks for sharing and Happy Reading 🙂



  4. I love the cover for Recipe Box! I read the first book in the Bel Book and Scandal series and enjoyed it. I’m really excited about this one. Have a great week!


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