The Secret Ingredient of Wishes by Susan Bishop Crispell

  • the secret ingredient of wishesTitle:  The Secret Ingredient of Wishes: A Novel
  • Author:  Susan Bishop Crispell
  • Genre:  Women’s Fiction; Magical Realism
  • Pages:  304
  • Published:  September 2016 – Thomas Dunne Books
  • Source:  Publisher

Description:  26-year-old Rachel Monroe has spent her whole life trying to keep a very unusual secret: she can make wishes come true. And sometimes the consequences are disastrous. So when Rachel accidentally grants an outlandish wish for the first time in years, she decides it’s time to leave her hometown—and her past—behind for good. 

11 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredient of Wishes by Susan Bishop Crispell

  1. Hi Mary,

    This probably isn’t one for me, however I too, love the cover art, the intriguing cast of characters and even more importantly, after some research, I was pleased to discover that there is actually a ‘Road To Nowhere’ in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, of North Carolina. I love finding out about all these quirky little places that would otherwise remain forever outside my sphere of knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing and I am glad that you enjoyed the read 🙂



  2. Loving the cover even if it has left me longing for a slice of pie.

    What sounds like a great book and one that certainly has me wondering what wishes I’d like to come true.


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