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Carolina Dreaming (2:2) Berkley  TheRamblers_BookCover  Cover.Final-2  Lies and Other Acts of Love (4:5:16)  Home on Apple Blossom Rd. (3:22016)

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Angels Burning (Jan. 2016)  a taste of heaven (short novel)  carolina man - audio

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  1. Mmm I said yes to The Ramblers too and was also pleased to be able to download Lies and Other Acts of Love. I have read the first three or four of the Virginia Kantra series but not the last couple. Will see what you think when you get to it.


    • Kathryn, I’m also looking forward to The Ramblers and Lies and Other Acts of Love. I finished the Kantra book previous to the new one – I liked it but not as much as the others in the series. Still, I’d recommend it to fans of the series and I look forward to this new book.. I like listening to them.


  2. Oh yay! I’m glad you got Lies and Other Acts of Love. Thank you for including among your huge TBR pile! I so hope you enjoy! xo Kristy


  3. I love the covers of your new books; even though I love winter, these make me think of summer and it’s definitely nice when it’s so cold outside!
    Enjoy your new books and happy reading!


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