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Carolina Dreaming (2:2) Berkley  TheRamblers_BookCover  Cover.Final-2  Lies and Other Acts of Love (4:5:16)  Home on Apple Blossom Rd. (3:22016)

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Angels Burning (Jan. 2016)  a taste of heaven (short novel)  carolina man - audio

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Shine On by Claire Cook

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  1. Mmm I said yes to The Ramblers too and was also pleased to be able to download Lies and Other Acts of Love. I have read the first three or four of the Virginia Kantra series but not the last couple. Will see what you think when you get to it.


    • Kathryn, I’m also looking forward to The Ramblers and Lies and Other Acts of Love. I finished the Kantra book previous to the new one – I liked it but not as much as the others in the series. Still, I’d recommend it to fans of the series and I look forward to this new book.. I like listening to them.


  2. Just yesterday I put THE RAMBLERS on my list. I’ll be eager to read your review. Happy Sunday, Mary!


  3. Oh, great haul! I love Claire Cook’s books, and now I want this new one. It sounds awesome. I am also drawn to Lies and Other Acts of Love. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!


  4. Oh yay! I’m glad you got Lies and Other Acts of Love. Thank you for including among your huge TBR pile! I so hope you enjoy! xo Kristy


  5. I love the covers of your new books; even though I love winter, these make me think of summer and it’s definitely nice when it’s so cold outside!
    Enjoy your new books and happy reading!


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