Sunday Post

Book arrivals:

No new books in my mailbox last week 🙂

Last week on Bookfan:

the summertime girls (8:4)   DearCarolinaCoverHighRes   Nantucket (8:25)

Currently reading:

if you only knew (8:25)


20 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Hope you are enjoying the Kristin Higgans book – I loved it. Nantucket cover looks enticing so will just go to read your review to find out more.


    • Thanks, Katherine. I’ve read several of Kristan Higgins’ contemporary romance. I believe this new book is her first in the Women’s Fiction genre.


  2. We are currently reading the same book Mary… I am loving it just on page 75, but I am loving it.. True Kristan Higgins style.. has you LOL and feeling a little sad at the same time…


  3. I loved If You Only Knew, hope you do too Mary. The Summertime Girls is already on my wishlist, not enough hours to get to all the wonderful books but I’m still going to try.


  4. The cover of Nantucket is what I always imagine summer to be like. Sitting outside at night sipping lemonade or wine. Unfortunately by the time it’s dark enough for the lantern I’m falling asleep, or its too sticky and humid to sit outside. Why is that?


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