#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


#FitReaders is hosted by  Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About.

Last week was quiet – I took it easy with exercise on the weekend.

Fitbit steps:

  • Fri        4333
  • Sat       8509
  • Sun      3183
  • Mon  13809
  • Tue     11724
  • Wed   12488
  • Thu    10066

Read on the treadmill:

a window opens (8:25)

9 thoughts on “#FitReaders Weekly Check-in

  1. You’re so active during the week you need time to relax too … I’ve had some huge days and then days where I’m pretty quiet … recovery time lol. Keep up the good work!


  2. As I’m just beginning to participate in this group, I think you had a great week. Some exercise is better than none right?
    What do you think of your Fitbit? A lot of people seem to have them now. I’m just wondering if they would be a worth while investment for me.


    • I’ve been using my Fitbit One for almost three years and it’s been reliable – a first for a pedometer, in my experience. Also, Fitbit customer service is quite responsive if anything comes up. Good luck!


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