The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert

  • the coincidence of coconut cake (July21)Title:  The Coincidence of Coconut Cake
  • Author:  Amy E. Reichert
  • Genre:  Contemporary Fiction
  • Published:  July 2015 – Gallery Books
  • Source:  Publisher

My take:  What happens when the chef of a small restaurant is scathingly reviewed by the local newspaper’s food critic on one of the worst days of her life? And then what happens when the two meet after that but don’t know who the other is?

I found The Coincidence of Coconut Cake to be a charming story that fans of chick lit and foodie fiction will probably enjoy as much as I did. Being from Wisconsin I also enjoyed the Milwaukee spots that Amy E. Reichert described in detail. Yes, I’m a fan of squeaky cheese 🙂

Reichert’s characters are relatable and I bought the misunderstanding between the two principal characters. Their relationship developed slowly and I was invested in their story. There are interesting and sweet supporting characters that added to the emotional aspect of the novel.

I’m craving all kinds of comfort food after reading this novel. It began with the luscious cake on the cover and progressed from there. Recommended.



28 thoughts on “The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert

  1. Now I am craving fried cheese curds from Culver’s, as well as coconut cake 🙂 Sounds like a cute book!


  2. Coincidentally, I found an intriguing recipe for cake made with coconut flour today. This book sounds terrific! Fun post, Mary!


  3. I’ve been seeing this one all over. I am a huge coconut cake lover. My aunt made a fabulous one, but she passed away last year. With this being chick lit and a food book it’s got everything I love.


    • Oh I hope she left the recipe with you all! Several years ago my sisters and I collected our relatives favorite recipes and came up with a spiral bound cookbook. We passed them out at the annual family reunion – very well received!


  4. I could have sworn I already left a comment on your post .. oh well try again lol. I’m a sucker for cake on a cover and that cake looks darn good. This one’s on my TBR pile, glad to hear you really liked it.


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