FitReaders: Weekly check-in


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Still dealing with dental issues so my steps are low again this week. I’ve really missed fitness walking! I’m hopeful next week will look better.

Fitbit steps:

  • Fri:    4065
  • Sat:    2801
  • Sun:    3116
  • Mon:  5590
  • Tue:   5094
  • Wed:  3004
  • Thu:    4241

21 thoughts on “FitReaders: Weekly check-in

    • I’m feeling much better, thanks! Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks until my regular dentist can fit me in for the crown. I can deal with that 🙂


    • I was surprised by how much I missed my morning walks. I’m feeling better and expect my fitbit numbers will be much higher this week.


  1. Poor Mary, dental issues are bad enough, but when it takes away from enjoying time outdoors in summer, it’s even worse.


  2. Glad you’re feeling better each day Mary, hope you’re back to enjoying your fitness walks really soon!


  3. It’s amazing how much issues/pain in your teeth or jaw impact the rest of your body. Take it easy and feel better soon! In other news, because I know you’ll chuckle, I got an email saying I walked the length of India. I probably need to join some sort of fitbit site eventually!


    • I love those emails and badges fitbit sends out. It’s kind of amazing when you think about how much (far) you’ve walked, isn’t it?


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