#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


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Fitbit steps:

  • Fri:    13328
  • Sat:    10641
  • Sun:    8966
  • Mon:  10787
  • Tue:     7251
  • Wed:  11300
  • Thu:   12858

Read on the treadmill:

A Wedding on Primrose Street (7:28)  If I Could Turn Back Time (7:28)


9 thoughts on “#FitReaders Weekly Check-in

  1. I’m blown away at the # of steps you do. I walked like crazy last week, and only averaged 5,356 steps. I need to at least double that, I’m embarrassed to post. Maybe there is something wrong with my gadget.


    • Irene, my goal is 10,000 steps each day. Some days I get more, some less. I try to get outdoors for an early morning walk (before 6am) in the neighborhood. It’s usually about 30 minutes. I finish early afternoon on the treadmill – 30-40 minutes. That gets me to 10K. You might want to check your step counter. Thanks for stopping 🙂


  2. Looks like you had a great week! I’ve been trying to get out early for my walks, too, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate this past week. I also try to get at least 10,000 steps every day M-F. The weekends, I tend to be more lax.


  3. What a great fitness week Mary. I bought my husband a Fitbit Charge for Father’s Day, and am living to regret it. He does NOTHING in moderation and racked up over $100,000 steps the first week. I told him I’m cutting it off his wrist as he sleeps LOL – I’m a sore loser.


  4. Woohoo you had an brilliant week Mary. Our weather is arctic this week, quite unusual for our state but I’m wishing I had a treadmill.


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