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Book arrivals:  (linked to Mailbox Monday)

naked - a novel of lady godiva (7:14)  pretty much screwed (7:7)  blueprints (giveaway win)  the kind worth killing (audio:kindle)

Last week on Bookfan:

eight hundred grapes  A Week at the Lake (Berkley - Schulhafer) 6:23  my grandmother asked me...  RedemptionBay_Cover

Currently reading:

the coincidence of coconut cake (July21)

20 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Congrats on your win of Blueprints I enjoyed the read very much. I look forward to a Week at the Lake but not sure when I will finally get to it. Ah, so many good books.


  2. I loved Blueprints, Eight Hundred Grapes, and A Week at the Lake…and I want to read My Grandmother Asked Me…etc. , and downloaded A Man Called Ove to familiarize myself with the author’s voice. Thanks for sharing!



  3. I want to read Blueprints and Coconut Cake (and possibly eat some coconut cake, lol. I love it and no one else in my family does so that could be a calorie-rich endeavor, a whole cake to myself).

    I DNF’d the Kind Worth Killing when I’d requested it because the first few chapters creeped me out– too realistically written. I did read and enjoy his first book though, and I hope you do like it.


  4. Looks like you’ve been reading some great books and your new books look promising as well. The Kind Worth Killing sounds fantastic- I’ll keep that one in mind for my next thriller. Happy reading, Mary!


  5. Hi Mary,

    A great package of books this week, but I didn’t really need to think about the one I would choose as my ‘must read’, so ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ is heading for my list!

    I can’t resist a good thriller!

    Thanks for sharing, I hope that you enjoy all your books and that you had a great July 4th 🙂



  6. Oh The Coincidence of Coconut Cake is another one I want to read, hope you’re enjoying it Mary. Pretty Much Screwed … the title hints at hilarity. Hope it’s a fun read. Have a great week.


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