Spotlight on French Roast (audiobook) by Ava Miles

French Roast audiobook cover

A couple of years ago I read and reviewed French Roast by Ava Miles. I want to let you know French Roast is now available in audiobook. Here’s a sample:

You can find more information about French Roast here.


9 thoughts on “Spotlight on French Roast (audiobook) by Ava Miles

  1. HAHAHA on me!! I thought it said French TOAST!! I like French Roast coffee also, but having been thinking about French toast for a few days and thought it was a sign from the food gods.


  2. Went back and read your review from 2013. I have Nora Roberts Land on my iPad, it was a free download for Nook. Started reading it and got inundated with ARCs, but I will definitely go back and finish it this summer. I recommend it.


    • It took a couple of tries for me to LOVE audiobooks. The narrator makes all the difference. Now I have a membership at 🙂


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